About Us

Hi, my name is Hiam,
I’m a Clinical Pharmacist of over 25 years of experience and founder of Lazy pharmacy.


In 2017, I was on rotation on the neurology ward in SH. Multiple admissions were transported via ambulance. Many patients did not speak English. Paramedics would bring in patients and record the names of their medications without any other details. The patient was often too unwell to give a medication history and may/may not have written a record of their medications.

Accuracy of the medication history was dependent on:

Family/careers being familiar with the medication regiment.
Patient having documented their medications in written form.
Having access to the patient's medications/details of pharmacy/GP identifying the problem.
The problem was recurring so I contacted Ambulance Victoria in the hope that they could bring in the patients medications/record more details/take pictures of the patients’ medications on their ipads. The nature of their job and the focus of the attending paramedics is to assist the patient in the acute situation so this issue was not deemed a priority. After lots of thinking and investigating, Lazy Pharmacy was created to empower the patient throughout their healthcare journey.