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Lazy Pharmacy’s unique features have been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get the best care. This is guaranteed by the fact our product is designed by a hospital pharmacist of over 25 years.

Here are the features for our Lazy Pharmacy family:

Easy to Navigate Menu

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The easy to use navigation menu is self-explanatory. The sidebar can be accessed at any point throughout the usage of the app.

The standout is that you can choose the language the app runs in. Any information can then be automatically translated back to English and vice versa.


Account Info

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Here is where you build your profile. Input your details, including your concession and medicare number.

This profile will contain all the personal information required to identify you in the case of an emergency. Only you can input this data, so you are in control of who sees it and who doesn’t.

Shareable Profile

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You can add those you want to share your profile with. This may be family members, carers, or even your GP and specialist. Shareability gives you and those looking after you the flexibility of being distant, but still in touch with how you’re managing your medications.

If you don’t want family, friends and carers to always have to be with you in order to keep up to date with your meds, then this is definitely the feature for you.

Record Local Pharmacy Details

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We recognise most of you have one pharmacy you go to when you get your prescriptions. Your local pharmacy details are there to help provide a more complete medication profile.

The more complete the medication profile, the better you can be treated by healthcare professionals whether it’s in the hospital or out in the community.

Adding Medications

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When it comes to taking your medications, there’s often some level of confusion. Problem is, this confusion can be fatal.

So we’ve broken the process down to its fundamental units giving you the best possible chance at getting it right. The directions are put together automatically. It’ll also save you having to remember how and when to take your medication.

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We’ve filled in the dosing section for the previous image. However, we’re not always simply taking tablets and doing it once a day.

That’s why we’ve made it so that the layout of the medication directions changes depending on the specifications. Confused? Checkout the next image





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Here’s an example of a common medication that isn’t necessarily taken once a day and look at the layout difference!

There are time slots to be filled in and dosages recorded for each time slot, making sure you’ve got the best chance at taking the right medication at the right time.



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This is one of the defining features of our app, especially when it comes to your own safety. For each medication, you should take two pictures as shown with this packet of Panamax.

These images provide an in-built check and balance both for you and the healthcare professional you visit. Even though we’ve built the app to minimise the number of mistakes that could possibly occur, they’re bound to occur.

This is your safety net. So please be sure to always take proper pictures of the front and back of every medication you upload.

Medication Profile

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This is how a single medication summary is presented. As mentioned above, take pictures of each side of the front and back of the medicine so health professionals can double-check your information.

For those involved in your care, this is crucial as it provides an in-built check and balance.


Automatically Email List

lazy pharmacyIn terms of continuity of care, this is the most important feature and that is the ability to automatically generate an email that can be sent to those involved in your care.

This is a snippet of what your profile will look like in an email.

Multiple Profiles

Coming soon


Coming soon

Knowledge Hub

Coming soon


Coming soon

This list of features seeks to display the comprehensive nature of the app and will be constantly updated as we update our product.

Your feedback determines how we make changes, so let us know how we can improve. Leave us a comment on this post or get in touch directly at

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