Lazy Pharmacy What problem are we solving

Improve compliance with medications

Accurate medlist that is easy to update and healthcare friendly

NESB friendly and easy to use

• The lack of physical connection between GP, hospital and specialists the patient may visit can make it difficult for the patient to keep an accurate record of current meds and doses.

• Patients may receive a clear paper medication list on discharge from hospital but paper breaks down and dose changes may not be documented

• Pts have different levels of education and ability to organise information into a meaningful list that can be shared with healthcare providers.

• A patient that is unconscious may be the only person that knows details of current meds.

• Communication with Non English Speaking Background ( NESB) patients can be tricky for healthcare providers when trying to ascertain a list of current meds

• Dose changes can be misunderstood and result in patient taking incorrect doses. This app allows for immediate and accurate documentation of dose and/medication changes.

• In an emergency situation pt may not have their meds or list of meds with them


Lazy Pharmacy How are we solving problems with the app

  • App is Easy to use

  • User controls list of meds

  • Most current and up to date list of meds.

  • Keep a date stamped list of medications ceased.

  • Non English speaking friendly.

  • Easy to update information

  • Allow family and/carers access to medication profile via the app


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