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Improve Medication Compliance

Allow information to be easily shared and make it easy for clinicians to view accurate medication records.

Maintain Patient Connections

Connect with your patients through push notifications, tele-pharmacy, SMS, your own knowledge hub and much more.

Make It Easier For Patients

Provide users an app with a complete set of functionality to help them keep accurate records of their medications.

Improve Compliance With Medications

The lack of physical connection between GP, hospital and specialists the patient may visit can make it difficult for the patient to keep an accurate record of current meds and doses. Patients may receive a clear paper medication list on discharge from hospital but paper breaks down and dose changes may not be documented. Pts have different levels of education and ability to organise information into a meaningful list that can be shared with healthcare providers.

A patient that is unconscious may be the only person that knows details of current meds. Communication with Non English Speaking Background (NESB) patients can be tricky for healthcare providers when trying to ascertain a list of current meds. Dose changes can be misunderstood and result in patient taking incorrect doses. This app allows for immediate and accurate documentation of dose and/medication changes.

Lazy Pharmacy

How It Can Help You


App can be downloaded on your phone so it is present at all times. Apple and Android versions available.


Language translator. Healthcare professionals can type in English and you can translate it into your language. You can also type in your language and have it translated to English.


Store details of all current medications- name strength, dose, frequency, time of administration and photo of product.


Set reminders to make sure you're taking your medications at the right time.


A separate tab for the medications you've stopped using. This information is important for healthcare professionals.


Save yourself the hassle. Automatically generate an email of your medication profile that you can send to your healthcare professional.


Share medication profile with family and/carer.

How It Can Help You

Discover how simple our patient portal solution makes it for you to stay connected to your patients and updated on their medical information.

User’s Medication Profile

View a user’s up-to-date medication profile without having to access their device.  Upload users via a contact import file or directly from the app.

Pharmacists & Doctors Panel

Create accounts for pharmacists or doctors to access the portal and review medical record profiles. Get up-to-date analytics on their usage of the portal.


Post alerts and notifications directly to patients via the clinicians portal.

Knowledge Base

Educate your patients by posting information and videos in both english and other languages directly to their app profiles.

Email/SMS Notifications

Communicate with patients via email or SMS. Flexibility allows you to send a message directly to one patient or a mass message to many.


Create custom reports to better understand your patients and provide them with better healthcare.

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